British group Intertek plc signs new contract for product inspection in Cameroon

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shipping-containers-1096829_1280The British firm Intertek Group PLC has signed a new contract with the Cameroon government to support its new Conformity Assessment Programme (PECAE). The contract, which was signed with Cameroon’s quality control agency (ANOR), aims at providing certification services to businesses exporting to Cameroon. PECAE will verify the conformity of products on a regulated product list which includes; health and beauty products, all processed and non-processed food products, construction materials, refined petroleum products, gas cylinders and paper products imported into Cameroon. This will help ensure they are in compliance with applicable national, regional or international standards. This programme will be mandatory for all goods shipped to Cameroon after 31st August 2016.

According to the press release, importers in Cameroon are required to provide a COMPULSORY Attestation of Conformity for Customs clearance obtainable from Intertek or its peers. This will then serve as the basis for the final Certificate of Conformity issued by ANOR and required for customs clearance.

According to the company website, Intertek is already accredited to issue the mandatory certificates of conformity or inspections required for export and import to countries including Algeria, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, and Uzbekistan.

Intertek shares were up around 30% year-to-date at GBP36.24 in mid-afternoon trading in London today.

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