New entrant into Cameroon’s sugar market will not ruffle the status-quo

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International Sugar Company (INSUCO) has entered the Cameroon sugar market, according to information we gleaned from the businftlump-sugar-549096_640ess website Investir au Cameroun. According to the site, INSUCO, which reportedly is affiliated to Louis Dreyfus, will initially produce 45 tonnes of refined sugar a day which it hopes to increase significantly in 2017. We calculate that this will only account for around 8% of local consumption. INSOCU intends to sell into the Central African Community market (CEMAC).

The sugar market in Cameroon is dominated by Société Sucrière du Cameroun (SOSUCAM), which is part of Société d’Organisation de Management et de Développement des Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles (SOMDIAA group). We estimate that SOSUCAM produces over 60% of sugar consumed annually in Cameroon. According to the company’s website, SOSUCAM sells about 100,000 tonnes of sugar locally and supplies Chad with extra-refined sugar, which is used in breweries. SOMDIAA is present in Cameroon, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, the Central African Republic, Gabon, Chad and the Reunion Island.


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