Planned expansion of SICOVIR will benefit local palm producers in the DRC

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FrancTrade view: The planned expansion of the SICOVIR plant, a palm oil processing factory in the eastern region of Mutangwa, will be a bonus for local palm producers. It will also divert palm exports away from Uganda for domestic use in Congo. However, the Congolese market remains a net importer of palm oil with an annual deficit of around 60,000 tonnes. Palm oil demand in the country is likely to increase in the medium to long term on account of compelling structural and demographic factors.

Story: DR Congolese start-up cpalm-oil-1022012_640ompany Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Virunga, known by its French acronym SICOVIR, is planning to raise USD 5mn to expand product lines and distribution capacity. SICOVIR produces a line of soaps and detergents largely from locally produced palm oil and plans to establish a plantation and refinery. This is according to its CEO Leon Maliona. The factory is currently powered by energy from a micro electricity plant using resources from the nearby Virunga National Park in Mutwanga near the border with Uganda. Funding for a USD 19.7mn 14-megawatt power plant has been sourced from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID), via the CDC group, and from Howard Buffet, son of US billionaire Warren Buffet.



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Athi Narayanan March 20, 2019 - 1:33 pm

How could we be apart of this development as we are from Malaysia. We have built and upgrade many Palm Oil Mills in the African region.
We currently have a used 15tons per hour mill that’s for sale. We could suggest a fair price to dismantle, refurbish, service and the machinery if you are interested. Please do let us know via email

Thank You.


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