Franc Opinion–West African Bourse: How will investors swallow the good doctor’s advice?

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Dr Edoh Kossi Amenounve, the CEO of the Francophone West African regional stock market (BRVM) is on an international tour to promote the bourse which is showing signs of recovery after 2 years of sluggish performance.

brvmWith 3 IPOs in the pipeline and a catalogue of “good” projections, Dr Amenounve is hoping to woo investors looking to diversify into frontier markets. However, the need for better disclosure and current communication barriers could keep potential investors at bay, with listed companies not doing enough to promote corporate transparency.

Franctrade sides with Dr Amenounve’s optimism but cautions that investors must remain vigilant to underlying feedstock fundamentals which are key to a swathe of companies already listed on the exchange. See Côte d’Ivoire’s Uniwax makes a compelling case but feedstock risks need to be managed.

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